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Minestead has charming vacation home rentals in Crowsnest Pass


Vacation Holiday Homes

2425-213 Street, Bellevue,
Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

(403) 855-1201

Worth bragging about

The Minestead Vacation Suites are situated in the heart of Bellevue, Alberta (one of the communities within the Crowsnest Pass). This is an almost forgotten place, once bustling with activity, excitement and prosperity from the coal entrapped in the surrounding mountains.

The mines are gone now. Instead people are lured to the Crown of the Continent for the breathtaking scenery, the history, the recreation and the excitement of rediscovering this almost forgotten corner of the Canadian Rockies.

There's only one problem when you're staying at Minestead. You'll be so relaxed and comfortable inside that you may have to extend your trip to make time for your outdoor activities.

More than a hotel or motel...

Inspiring, clean, architectural, relaxing.

These suites are for the discerning traveller; for people who expect their accomodations to be an inspiring luxury, not just a place to sleep.

A Historic, Beautiful Building

The Brazzoni Building is considered a Landmark Building. It was built in 1927 by Arthur Brazzoni. After seeing much of Bellevue go up in flames during 3 major fires between 1917 and 1922, Mr. Brazzoni decided to use hollow tile bricks to protect the building. It has survived despite minor interior fires over the years.

We purchased the Brazzoni Building in 2006. The building's shape and history were its only redeeming features. The front windows were partially covered, the paint was stark and the interior's charm was hidden by t-bar ceilings, bad paint and fluorescent lights. It had been many years since anyone had considered this building to be any more than just walls and a roof - and the leaking roof was probably the final straw for the previous owner.

Revived, Restored, with Love

We took ownership of the Brazzoni Building in 2006. It took 2 years of planning, researching and multiple design ideas but in the fall of 2008 the work began. If we had known this would be a complete gut, rebuild, restore I don't know if we would have ever tackled the project. On the other hand, the results exceeded our wildest dreams.

This building is literally a brick and mortar representation of our passion for Crowsnest Pass, Historic Buildings and chasing dreams. We hope it will inspire adaptive reuse/development of other historic building in Crowsnest and beyond. These buildings can be saved, can be celebrated, can be useful and can be so inviting.

Inspired by the Rockies' mining heritage towns, contemporary mountain design, Sarah Susanka, Frank Lloyd Wright, Dwell Magazine and our overall love of great spaces.

Minesteads old world charm

Minestead cozy loft kitchen
Beautiful down to the fir timber details
The entrance into the cozy loft
The entrance into the cozy loft at night in winter
The Cozy loft inside